Love Before First Sight – A Reminder!

During the past month I’ve been teaching more than usual and meeting lots of students of The Soulmate Secret (which is always fun!).  It seems that everywhere I go I hear from several women that The Soulmate Secret worked for them and they are now happily married to their soulmate. (YAY!)

The question I always ask them is this:

What do you think really made a difference in helping you manifest love?

Quite often the answer I get is “everything,” but several have also said that the daily practice of “living as if” and talking to their soulmate (in their mind) every day helped them really, truly know and believe that even though they hadn’t yet met their soulmate on the physical plane, they felt connected on the cosmic level.

According to quantum physics and metaphysicians, we are already connected to everyone and everything via the unified field, therefore you and your soulmate are already connected.  By choosing to know and believe this, you can begin your relationship with them today.  Simply do a feelingization – move yourself from your head to your heart (and remember you can access some of these for free — just click on the “Free Stuff” tab) and then with your attention focused on your heart begin a conversation.  Before I met Brian, I was talking to him every evening as I sat in front of my love altar.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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