I recently spoke at an event and met a man named Brandon who was very excited to share his “soulmate success story” with me. Please enjoy his personal account:

“Several years ago after my divorce, I wrote out the characteristics and traits my “soulmate” would have. After listening to the audio book, The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction , I decided to revisit that list, refine it, and release it to the Universe. As I re-read my list, I really got into the feeling of what each characteristic and trait meant and why it was important to me. I burned my list and watched the light breeze carry it into the ethers. I remember visualizing the Universe orchestrating every fiber of that list to bring her into my experience.

Shortly after that, I receive an invitation to a wedding for a friend of mine. Since I was now fully “living as if” I replied for “two” to the RSVP. My friend called, excited, and said, “You have a new girlfriend?” I laughed and said “No, but I will, and I need you to reserve a space for her.” My friend was dumbfounded and didn’t understand.

About a month later, one of my good friends suggested I join a dating website because he had just become engaged. I resisted his suggestion, telling him all the reasons why I didn’t want to. He simply said, “It works!” So, I decided that I would give it a shot and told myself I wouldn’t put much effort into it. I went out on a few dates and everything was confirming “why” I didn’t like online dating! After nearly calling it all but quits on the site, I decided to do a search. In my search, a very familiar and beautiful lady appeared. I looked closely, looked even closer, and thought “no, this can’t be that girl.” So, I sent an email, telling her she looked familiar and more. You see, I had already met this lady, on two brief occasions, and we talked each time, but that was it. She replied back, excitedly, and remembered who I was.

We arranged for a date, and I gave her 3 options – 1) dinner, 2) lunch, or 3) Costco Churros (I wanted to see her sense of humor). She went for the Costco Churro option! I arrived at Costco, with a candlestick and a bottle of wine. She arrived, more gorgeous and stunning than I remembered. Imagine, two people, dressed up, sitting on the tables in a parking lot at Costco with candles, wine, and their churro! As the employees left, they were amazed and in awe at how “romantic” and “cute” we were. One lady even said that she was going to tell her husband that he needed to do that! We left after about two hours of just talking and went to Coronado to walk on the beach and have cocktails. The second day we spent it at a friend’s BBQ and the 3rd day we spent the day at a local lake and had our own BBQ. That was three months ago. So far, we have been on trips, are talking about our future together, and been pretty much inseparable. She is everything I could have ever imagined … but then again, I guess I did!”

Brandon is a great example of what can happen when you take the time to make a thoughtful detailed soulmate wish list, create a ritual to release the list, trusted his intuition when it was time to “take action” and, perhaps most importantly, he practiced “living as if.”

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses,


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