Is he the ONE for you?

Ever wonder if your relationship is more good than bad? Or, if it’s right for you?

My dear friend Linda Sivertsen, who has a beautiful relationship with her boyfriend of four years, has created the ultimate tool to finally make sense of your love life.

It’s called The Boyfriend Log, and it’s an iphone/ipad app.

If you’re tired of having your sister, girlfriends, or therapist on speed dial and want to finally be able to trust yourself and be your own eyewitness in love, you’re going to love using this first-ever app for tracking the health of your relationship. It allows you to see your romance at a glance, because seeing is believing, and clarity is queen.

What makes this so different than a normal diary? Color coding.

A little back story: When Linda was married and her man showed her CLEAR signs that he wasn’t happy, she would log it in her diary. Until he’d apologize and get back to being loving, at which point she often feel like she was cheating on him, on them, and would erase her diary. Yep. Codependent, anyone? When he left her for another woman after 19 years, Linda decided that she’d never again stay so attached to a story that she’d erase reality. She vowed that when she got a new boyfriend, she’d FORCE herself to keep a diary every single day.

Sure enough, those first few months of entries were dreamy. But over time, the entries began to change. Some days were beautiful, others awful. Was there more good than bad? She couldn’t tell. She suspected there were patterns, but couldn’t decipher them. Until she thought to color-code her days. Whoa. Then the patterns became crystal clear. In living color.

And, it works the other way, too. Maybe your relationship’s a lot more stable and loving than you’ve been giving it credit for. Maybe you’ve gotten lazy in love and could use a reminder of the little things you used to do, back when your love was new and exciting? If you want romance, you can’t just expect your partner to bring it if you’re not.

I was so excited when Linda and I met for lunch a few months ago and she showed me the prototype. I couldn’t believe how simple and yet revolutionary it was. You can’t change something you can’t see and this is, finally, a way to know what you want and what you need. It puts the power, literally, in the palm of your hand.

Was today Romantic, Happy, Flat, Sad, or Angry? What about last week, or the month before that? Through daily reflection and a personalized, color-coded calendar, The Boyfriend Log illuminates positive and negative patterns and makes having a meaningful relationship-or moving on-easier.

One of my favorite sayings of Linda’s is that in every relationship there are in fact 3 relationships going on: The one you’re having, the one your man is having, and the real one. It’s easy to see why we get so confused. Women, above all, want connection, and often-as Linda did-whitewash reality to try and keep the love alive. But this isn’t just for ladies.

Couples are using The Boyfriend Log to track each other, and meeting once a week to compare notes. Think of the empowering possibilities in your own life and relationships.

And, with unlimited logs, you can track as many people in your life as you’d like-even yourself!

In short, the BFL is a relationship-changing tool. A beautiful, fun, healing, awareness technology like nothing else out I’ve ever seen.

The visuals are stunning. The app is gorgeous ($1.99), and I believe that the new question on everyone’s lips will be:

What color is your relationship?

Get your own copy today here:

The FUN video that shows how The Boyfriend Log also SAVES relationships:

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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