How to Make Great Decisions

If you struggle with making decisions, large or small, whether it’s what to eat for dinner or which new car to buy, or is it time to change jobs, you are not alone. Decision making can be tough! Today’s gest blog from expert Sarah Ramsey offers helpful advice on how to do it.

As a child I thought grownups had a map of how to make great decisions. If I followed the map and followed the rules I would have the white fence, the 2.5 kids, a golden retriever named Lucy, and a husband who adored me. Instead, I got two great kids, a messy divorce, and a bunny named Snuggles who pooped all over my house. Life did not turn out the way I wanted and apparently there is no secret map for grown-ups that helps you know the next right decision.

As a people pleaser I made decisions based on how to avoid making people upset. This was a terrible strategy and did NOT get me the life of my dreams. Success leaves clues and great decision makers know the three secrets of successful decision making.

1. Indecision is a decision: If you are one of those “I will decide tomorrow” type of people, then it’s crucial to get honest with yourself and acknowledge that your decision-making process is not to decide. If choosing not to decide has landed you the perfect guy, the perfect job and the perfect confidence, then keep choosing indecision. If indecision has not gotten you the life you want, then the obvious solution is to try something else.

2. Problem solving partners: If I want to play cello, then my first step is probably going to be to try to learn the cello on my own through watching YouTube videos. If I still can’t play the cello within 6 months, then it’s only logical to hire a teacher. If trying it on my own doesn’t work, then the logical solution is to get help. Self-confidence comes from telling yourself the truth! The truth is if I put time and thought into playing the cello, but never actually learn to play, then I’m not doing it on my own. If I could figure things out on my own, then I already would have. If trying to solve the problem on your own isn’t working, then it’s time to try something else.

3. Become a process princess: You probably have a process for making coffee and paying your bills. If you don’t have a process for making decisions, then you are going to be stuck in overthinking. Thinking and talking about your problems is not the same as solving your problems. Moving isn’t the same as moving forward. Successful people think about how they make decisions and ensure they are not doing the same things over and over again while expecting to get different results!

When you get clear about how to make a great decision, then the decision doesn’t feel so scary.

You live with less fear and the confidence to build the life and relationships you want!

If you haven’t had formal training in how to make a decision and want to move forward faster, then check out Problem Solved: Simple Habits For Complex Decisions by Sarah K. Ramsey on Amazon, Audible and Barnes and Noble.

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses,


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