Happiness is NOT a Feeling

Most people think happiness is a feeling, but did you know there is a science of happiness?

According to Harvard professor and happiness expert Arthur Brookes, feelings are simply evidence of happiness.

Real happiness is a combination of satisfaction, enjoyment, and meaning. Happiness is a sense that life has a direction to it. It’s not from money, fame, power, or envy.

What brings real happiness? These 4 things are faith, family, friends and work that serves other people.

And when it comes to friends, be sure to have real friends, not “deal” friends – these are transactional friends. Real friends are what Brookes calls “useless friends.” These are friends who can’t necessarily do anything for you but are there for you. When you then nurture your real friendships, by making time to stay closely in touch, this brings great happiness.

Give yourself a gift and watch this mind-blowing 12-minute interview with Arthur Brookes and discover the 4 important steps to being happy and having a meaningful life, and so much more. It’s life-changing and pure genius. You’re welcome.

Watch it here!

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses.


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