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I have collected some wonderful, free gifts to share with you. These gifts are resources to assist you along your journey toward your soulmate. Included are a video, several audios, a special Love Mandala and a free week of my 9-week online course.

Video On Coloring Your Way To Soulmate Love

Click here to watch


Below you will find a series of Feelingizations™ audios. I coined this term because while most people call these “visualizations,” the truth is that they don’t work unless you can feel — in every cell of your body – what is true for you.

For maximum benefit listen to these while sitting comfortably or lying down in a place where you won’t be disturbed. (Do not listen to these while driving.)

New Year New Love Download

Blessing the World Download

What A Feelingization Is Download

Wabi Sabi Love Way to Let Go Of Annoyances Download

Morning Love Raising Download

Golden Cord to Your Soulmate Download

A Letter To God Download

Savoring The Waiting and Feeling Anticipation Download

Receptivity Download

Having A Conversation with Your Soulmate Download

Happy, Satisfied and Content Download

Moving On From Old Love Download

Releasing Fear Like A Superhero Download

Loving My Body Download

Healing Your Heart Download

Embracing Your Divine Feminine Download

Loving Yourself Download

Releasing Old Beliefs Download

Clearing Space For Love Download

Heart Light Download

Savor the Waiting Download

Letter from God Download

Prayer for Manifesting a Soulmate Download

Falling In Love With Yourself Download

Feeling Love Manifested Download

Letting Love In Download

Take the Soulmate Secret Quiz
Are you still looking for your soulmate? Wondering why you haven’t found that special someone yet? Take this quiz to find out if you’re ready to meet the love of your life!

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Jeanne FitzsimmonsThe music on the Feelingizations™ is from the album “Wind Poet” by Jeanne Fitzsimmons. Check out more of Jeanne Fitzsimmons’ flute music here.

Wendy Tahara The harp on the Feelingizations™ is called Contemplative Meditation from Wendy Tahara. Check out more of her music here.

Becoming a Love Magnet

My definition of a soulmate is this: a soulmate is someone you can completely be yourself with. Someone with whom you share unconditional love, and, when you look into their eyes you have the feeling of being “home.”

We often only think of a soulmate as a romantic partner, but if you accept my definition you can broaden that to be your kids, siblings, co-workers, friends and even your pets!

The truth is, even before your romantic soulmate arrives, you already have many soulmates in your life.

And, the fastest way to magnetize your romantic soulmate is to begin focusing some love, appreciation and gratitude on them.

Remember, what you put your attention on GROWS.

By focusing on the love already in your life, more love flows to you.

Conversely, if you are focused on the love that is missing, you are using the Law of Attraction in reverse and all you can get is more of the feeling of missing.

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to shower all of your soulmates with your love and fill your heart with gratitude for having them in your life.

To get you into a heart space for this, I’ve just created a new complimentary eight-minute Feelingizations™ video that will take you from your head to your heart and fill you with a delicious experience of love. (and feel free to share it far and wide) You can access it here:

What is love like in heaven?

Visioning Video
This video is filled with powerful affirmations, emotionally inspiring images and features the Kenny Loggins song SWEET REUNION as the soundtrack. By watching this video twice a day you are making clear statement the Universe that you are now ready to manifest your perfect soulmate.

The Love Mandala
What color is your true love? Download this mandala (right-click the link above to copy/save the file to your own computer), and take a box of your favorite crayons or colored pencils and begin to manifest your true love. With this simple but fascinating technique you color in the segments of the mandala by speaking out loud the traits and values you desire in a soulmate. Click here to download.

Special Lesson from The Soulmate Online Course
(through Daily Om)
Begin to manifest your soulmate TODAY as Arielle shares her personal aha! moment and then guides you through your first feelingization. This lesson also includes a 12minute video on the importance of “belief,” a daily prayer to call forth your soulmate, the perfect Treasure Map process and much more. Click here to listen.

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  1. Thank you for your generosity in sharing how to give and receive love. May your message reach billions and ignite hearts worldwide.

    Sincerely with love,


  2. This visioning audio is awesome! Is there anyway I can download it for easy listening the twice daily you recommend without going through all the “clicks” to get there?

    Very beautiful and feels so good.

    Much love and many blessings,

  3. Arielle, thank you for sharing your love and inspiration so freely with others…I am so thankful to be on your mailing list! I LOVE the Visioning Video. Experiencing those energy spaces made me cry. That was a powerful reminder of where I need to be vibrating to align with Big Love!

  4. Thank you so much Arielle for your very generous gifts. I am committed to using them to manifest my soulmate and I am grateful for your guidance on this amazing journey.

  5. I just love all your inspiration messages and meditations , i found it amazingly powerful and they put me in a wonderful vibe all day at all times , it brightens my life and make me free to express my joy and gratefullness of just being alive 🙂
    A Big thank you to you Arielle to make this possible for me, i share your mails as much as i can to spread your greatfullness and i’am waiting to receive your book .
    All the best and many blessings .

  6. Dear Arielle,
    I have enjoyed all the amazing Free Stuff. I’m so overjoyed, unbelieveable!
    May God bless you and Thank you
    Lots of love and light,

  7. Thank you for being a generous spirit! I’ve picked up and put down your book several times. I know I want love in my life . . .it’s the “obstacles opportunities”! Thank you again for continuing your message and being here for folks like me that it takes a little longer to get there

  8. Thank You Arielle, for these beautiful meditations to assist us Single Souls in finding our Mates!!!

  9. hello,
    I have just finish ready the book and finishing all the homework to go with it! I adore the book! it made me realize that I actually don’t love myself as much as I should. That is my biggest homework. I have one question for you; during the day I am fine but i find myself lonely when i toss and turn in bed looking to cuddle with someone and no one is there. Or when I get home and wanting the hello, i love you or when i feel like i need to be touched or cuddle or even kiss that is when i find it hard to be on my own. I don’t stop myself from doing anything like travelling or waiting for someone to do it with I just do when I want to. Its those moments that are hard. can you please give me a suggestion on what i should do in those moments?
    Thank you for the awesome life lesson and I really hope to hear from you soon.
    Have a nice day!!!

  10. Thank you immensely for sharing these meditations so generously with us! I LOVE them. You are an inspiration to me and I am looking forward to learning from all that you have to offer.

  11. Hola preciosa, yo quiero escucharlo todo pero no manejo muy bien el ingles, yo vivo en gran canarias españa, deseo con todo el corazon me conteste.Un abrazo muy fuerte

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