Doing It All But No Results?

Everyday I am blessed to hear from readers of The Soulmate Secret Most of the time they share happy news about new love beginning to blossom. Sometimes I hear from those of you who are “doing everything but without results.” If that sounds like you, hear are some gentle suggestions:

1) Stop trying. This isn’t about trying, doing, wishing or hoping. It’s about being and sometimes it’s hard to BE when you are caught up in wanting.

2) Take some time off. Give yourself a break. Decide that for the next week, or month, or three months you are going to take your attentionoff of your love life completely and focus on having as much fun as possible. I recently decided to take off the entire summer from worrying. I even wrote a vow for myself:
This summer I will take time everyday to really enjoy my favorite season. I will consciously take more time to appreciate the sun, the views, the warm breezes, the freshest produce, everything. Most importantly, I am giving up WORRYING until after Labor Day. My heart is open, loving, carefree and I am SMILING 🙂

3) Engage a short-term therapist, counselor or coach to explore the possibility that you have some emotional blocks left to clear. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, either way the support can’t hurt.

4) Stop judging yourself and the process and give yourself the love and attention you deserve.

5) Surrender to Divine Timing.

6) Spend some time in meditation, silence, nature or ideally all three.

7) Create a summer project. Choose one person in your life that could benefit from your attention and shower them with love, appreciation, gratitude.

Remember to breathe and nourish your soul this summer. Often the key to manifesting is to completely surrender and trust and know that love is already yours.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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