During the Q & A session at my recent Warwick’s book event (which was one of the most fun nights of my life) I was asked:

“As someone who is known as a spiritual woman, how did you come to terms with writing about revenge?”

Here’s how I explained it:

My beautiful sister, the late Debbie Ford to whom The Love Thief is dedicated, taught me everything I know about loving and embracing both my “dark side” and my “light side.”

Part of my dark side includes being fascinated with murder, mayhem, and revenge. I love True Crime books and I’ve read every book by Ann Rule (the Queen of this genre).

While I don’t act out on any of this, I do find the subject entertaining and it gives me insight into the human condition.

Having personally witnessed so many of my closest girlfriends suffer at the hands of a toxic narcissist, and then experience the rollercoaster of anger, grief, and depression from betrayal, I deliberately wrote a book in which the heroine gets her revenge on her perpetrator via the justice system.

I once heard that a well-respected Guru in India shared with his followers:

“It’s the role of the spiritual warrior to protect the community.” This is the thinking that gave me permission to have my heroine, Holly, be a warrior to protect other women from the villain, Barry. With the help of karma, which presented her with the choice to participate in his punishment, Holly comes to witness that there is justice in the Universe.

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses,


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