The Power of Love

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan this past Saturday was a beautiful, moving and inspiring affair. We got up in the middle of the night to watch it, and I am so happy we did. To know that we were “in the field of love” with a billion (or more) other human beings watching […]

Stuck In An Elevator with Oprah

I have a crazy imagination! Yesterday on my daily walk, I was thinking about “what if I got stuck in an elevator with Oprah for 10 minutes…what would I want to talk to her about?” All kinds of things went through my mind, from telling her about my books and workshops (hint, hint, put me […]

George Clooney – Why He Chose Amal

By now you already know that last week George Clooney, notorious bachelor, married Lebanese beauty Amal Alamuddin in Venice. After a long list of actresses, dancers, and waitresses, George has finally found the love of his life. So why her? I’ve heard that she said “no” to him the first three times he asked her […]

The Art of Love

While I realize that many of you have your attention manifesting a soulmate…..have you thought about “once you are in the relationship” if you have all the necessary skills to navigate the days when things get a little bumpy or dare I say it, even a little boring? As a first-time bride at age 44, […]

After Glow of The Royal Wedding

At a time on the planet that is filled with so much bad news, devastation, and cynicism, this uplifting wedding offered a wonderful reminder that by sharing and observing the wedding rituals and celebrating a marriage, we can all tap into the power of love. Thanks to the Prince and his Princess!