Bubble Baths, Dancing and Other Portals Into Love

We went to a dinner party the other night and re-connected with several old friends we hadn’t seen in a long time.

My friend Patti was sharing with me about her daughter Denise (now 36), and only child, who is “having a hard time finding a man.”

Denise is an attorney in a top New York firm, she had an Ivy League education, is attractive and fit, and is a total perfectionist who is insisting that she marry a man who also has an Ivy League education, earns more money than she does, and her list of physical attributes is quite lengthy….and she is still single, what’s up?

She also wants an “alpha” male who is highly ambitious (just like her). Patti has suggested to her daughter that she learn to cook at least one meal so she can invite a prospective mate over for a romantic dinner but Denise is completely resistant.

Denise does meet men but they want to be her “friend” but not her life partner.
I began to share with Patti that perhaps Denise is so comfortable in her masculine energy (which is where women live when they are in high work mode) that she has forgotten how to access her feminine, receptive energies.

If she wants a masculine male, he will want a woman who can bring him her feminine energy after work hours.

I also shared with her how this was exactly an issue I had to deal with before manifesting Brian. Prior to meeting Brian, I once had a date say to me
“your balls are bigger than mine.”


I knew I had to figure this stuff out.

I did some research and ended up creating rituals for myself to consciously transition from “work mode” to “play mode.” Two of my favorite ways to bring myself back into my feminine energy involved dancing by yourself after work and then taking a long, hot bubble bath and letting my work day drift away.

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