Beware of False Attractions!

I was interviewed recently on The MatchMatrix show by my friend Larry Michel and his partner Frank Seifert. Off the air Larry shared with me a remarkable love story about he and his romantic partner Cindy. I asked if he would write about it for us.

When I met my love Cindy she was dating another man. We had a very powerful and instant connection that was almost frightening. Most women and men I talk to can relate. Can you remember when you were so captivated and taken by a person that you felt instantly in love? Do you also remember totally doubting the intensity or depth of your feelings?

That was Cindy. Our hearts opened to each other instantly. It was much more than just good conversation and a physical appeal. There was a vibration that told me someone very special had come into my life. She loved it and doubted it at the same time.

I knew with certainty that this was a woman I wanted to spend time with. I was ready to expose my life and my heart and I started to do so.

There was one small challenge. Cindy was dating another man when we met. He was very interested in her. She was also very attracted to him. That attraction was so strong she decided to get serious and date only the “other guy”. We remained friends, but did not date.

This is where our story gets interesting. By running a MatchMatrix Relationship Report Cindy and I found out she has False Attractions. That means whenever she feels strong chemistry to a person and decides to follow that attraction she ends up in a relationship that doesn’t work.

We also found out she and I were perfectly energetically matched. When a couple is aligned like we are magic happens and soulmates are discovered!

I have been involved with MatchMatrix for years and know how powerful and misleading False Attractions are. Cindy needed to find out for herself.

A few months later that’s exactly what happened. She realized the relationship with the “other guy” was not going to work and we started to date again. We have been together ever since. She moved into my home and I adore her, as do my children.

Cindy will tell you that if she did not know about MatchMatrix she never would have come back. She would have followed her old patterns of meeting a guy and when it didn’t work, move on.

She realized two things she never knew before. She must not ever follow her False Attractions, and the amazing connection she experienced with me from the day we met was very real. Our hearts have been open and joyfully blossoming together ever since.

I feel blessed. Through MatchMatrix I have been able to guide thousands of men and women to loving and fulfilling relationships. And I get to crawl into bed every night with a woman I love and connect with in more ways than I have with anyone before.

Larry’s story illustrates the power of finding tools that can make a difference in love. Match Matrix can assist you in knowing if a relationship has true potential.

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses,


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