Being With What Is

We are now a full six months into living with the Corona pandemic.

For me, and most everyone I know, it’s been a very bumpy ride.

It’s kind of like white-water river rafting. Periods of smooth tranquil waters followed by occasional terrifying rapids where I’m holding on tight, hoping not to capsize.

There’s no map. We don’t know when or where the river ends.

Nobody does.

No one.

There are people who speculate. (and some crazy people who promise a return to normal is minutes away) but No. One. Knows.

Now, for me the question is, “How do I best enjoy the ride?’

It’s a constant, daily, sometimes minute by minute endeavor.

I find solace in the people and things I can count on. I have so much gratitude and appreciation for those that share my view of the world. There is a level of comfort and safety knowing that we are there for each other.

So, this is what IS right now.

And my plan is too have as much fun as possible in whatever way are safe and possible as well as giving myself the space to be royally pissed off from time to time.

Wishing you love and laughter,


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