Baby Steps To Love

When I am in major manifestation mode, I often like to take something that looks super big (and potentially unattainable) and break it down into 5 simple, easy things I can do every day that will bring me closer to my goal.Some times, it’s the same 5 things each day, other times I get really creative and do new and different baby steps each day.

What is useful and necessary to achieving your desired outcome, is being willing to take daily action…especially on the days when you just don’t want to!

We all know that you can’t get into shape by simply sitting on the couch watching TV. We have to get up and move our bodies.

It’s about discipline and commitment.

And, it sends a strong message to the Universe that you are open, willing and available for your dream to come true.

Here are a few suggestions of daily practices to use for manifesting a soulmate:

  • Say a daily prayer of gratitude**Talk to your soulmate – even though you haven’t met them yet in the 3D world, on the unseen planes you are already connected.
  • Spend 20-30 minutes with online dating – be visible in the great dating shopping malls of or
  • Practice flirting. Compliment at least 3 people everyday to start a conversation with a stranger. You are not looking to pick them up, but simply build flirting muscles!
  • Go somewhere new. Try a different coffee shop, a new path to go for a walk with your dog. Get out there – explore!
  • Ask at least one person you know if they can fix you up on a date!
  • Find a buddy to share this process with and then commit to daily or weekly check in sessions.
  • Remember, what we put our attention on grows!

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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