Are You RUDE To Yourself?

Imagine this: You have a daughter, age 10, and she looks at you and says, “you really look like s*#t today. Is that a new wrinkle on your forehead? And what about those thighs, you should be exercising more? You are such a wreck, no one is ever going to want you.”

Chances are, you would not tolerate words like that coming from anyone and yet this is exactly the internal conversation many lonely women have every single day.  Not very attractive for Soulmate Seekers.

We claim to be conscious, loving, spiritual beings who care about the people (and the world) around us, and yet we allow ourselves to spew negative thoughts in our own minds. I truly believe that as we prepare for our beloved’s arrival, we must consciously choose to fall in love with ourselves.

It’s time accept and make the best of who we are and where we are in our lives. This is a time to find the inner motivation to bring out the very best in yourself – not for the sake of your soulmate but for the sake of your own happiness and fulfillment.

If you’re not in love with yourself…. if you don’t have an honest and gut-level appreciation of the adorable, juicy, one-of-a-kind characteristics that only you possess…. if you haven’t yet found compassionate acceptance for your flaws and discovered the ways they have made you uniquely who you are…. if you don’t approach your body with tenderness and sensuality…. how can you expect your soulmate to do these things?

Here’s another way to think about it: The last time you flew on an airplane, you may have heard the flight attendant explain that “in the event of a change in cabin pressure, an oxygen mask will drop from the ceiling. You must secure your own oxygen mask before trying to help anyone else.”

Why do they tell you this? Because when a plane is losing altitude, you only have about six seconds before you lose consciousness and if you don’t use that time to put your own mask on, you will not be in a position to assist anyone else.

This example speaks volumes about self-love. If you aren’t nourishing yourself on all levels with love, appreciation, healthy food, positive thoughts and tenderness, you simply won’t have the inner resources to love and nourish another.

Loving yourself means being as attentive to your own needs as you are to the needs of your lover. It means caring for yourself as if you’re the most important person in the world.

The simple truth is that when you love yourself, you become absolutely irresistible. Loving yourself is one of the most powerful keys to drawing to yourself virtually everything that you desire.

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