Are YOU an Alpha Bitch?

Years ago, on one particularly bad date, a man said to me,  “Arielle you are one tough woman. I’ll bet you scare the S#&*T out of most men.”

Wow….that really hurt. And, it had me take a good, long look at my behavior. I realized that what worked so well for me in business and my career was actually working against me when it came to love.

My friend, Christy Whitman and her co-author Rebecca Grado, have just written a new book, Taming Your Alpha Bitch: How to be Fierce and Feminine (and get everything you want), that really addresses this issue and I’ve asked them to share their thoughts with us today.

Christy and Rebecca say:

Many women have cast aside their feminine natures and taken up a more aggressive, masculine stance – in other words they’ve fallen into the trap of being an “Alpha Bitch”.

Now don’t be too quick to dismiss the alpha bitch as behaviors other gals do. Although most smart women stop short of over-the-top antics; it’s probably safe to say that many other go-getters, are quite capable of pulling the “bitch card” every now and again.

And while there are certainly times when it’s appropriate, it’s holding you back more than you may think.

You see, the more aggressively you push to achieve your desires (and that includes attracting a soul mate), the more distance you end up creating between yourself and your dreams.

Taming Your Alpha Bitch

That’s because the underlying beliefs fueling the Alpha Bitch behaviors are based in fear and scarcity. It’s just not possible to attract your greatest visions, or your ideal mate, from these lower vibrations.

Love and abundance can’t come into your life from a space of fear and scarcity– they’re simply not a vibrational match. So, how can you shift from the disempowering Alpha Bitch stance to an empowered, yet feminine woman? Try these three steps:

1.  Recognize that your forceful, aggressive, or controlling behaviors are being fueled by thoughts and beliefs based in fear and scarcity. When you catch yourself in this mode, ask, “What am I afraid will happen if I’m not in charge or in control of this situation?”

2.  Release these thoughts and beliefs by replacing them with more life affirming, abundant ones like: “The universe is always working with me and for me. In this moment, I am safe and protected. Abundance is always flowing to me and through me.”

3. Reclaim your true empowered and abundant self by remembering that you are so much more than your outer persona. Within you lies a wise, radiant, graceful, and abundant woman. Align energetically with her.

Only by shifting from the tense, rigid, and anxious stance of the alpha bitch, to the open, flowing, and calm one of the empowered feminine woman, do you align yourself with higher vibrations, positioning you to attract easily and efficiently.

Here’s the exciting part.

I’ve arranged to give you a FREE copy of, “Taming Your Alpha Bitch: How to be Fierce and Feminine (and get everything you want)” delivered right to your front door.

Taming Your Alpha Bitch

Taming Your Alpha Bitch will show you step-by-step exactly how to release your Masculine Alpha and replace it with your Fierce Feminine.

Thanks Christy and Rebecca! And guess what? They’ve have already been booked for NBC’s Today Show in January.

Taming Your Alpha Bitch doesn’t hit bookstores until January 30th, 2012 and you can learn more about it NOW and preorder your free copy by going here.

Taming Your Alpha Bitch

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