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Dear Arielle & Brian,
Since I read the Soulmate Secret and did the exercises to heal my past relationships and cut the energetic cords to past lovers, four of my old boyfriends and my former husband have called wanting to reconnect with me.  What’s up with that?
Thanks for your help,


Dear Cindy,
Congratulations!  The inner healing you are doing is working and the energetic dynamic is shifting.  The art and majesty of your rituals and powerful intentions is literally transmuting the energetic density that was weighing down the possibility of unconditional sacred love and abundance in your previous relationships.  These men are now actually feeling different about themselves and something new and different about their earlier union with you.  This doesn’t mean that you are totally free to re-engage in these relationships (unless you suddenly realize that one of them is your soulmate) but it does mean that you are freed up to seriously discern, from your deepest heart, and gain clarity on the issues that previously impacted these relationships.  As you continue to do the inner and outer work of manifesting a soulmate, opportunities foe more and more healing will spontaneously arise. Enjoy the process!


Dear Arielle & Brian,

I have been married for ten years.  Three years ago I began a serious spiritual path to discovering the awesome abundance of possibilities in the spiritual world.  I have asked my husband to join me on this journey.  I have told him that I love him and  I long for more romance and spontaneity.  His response was very negative and he says I am forcing him into something he is not comfortable with.  He surfs, windsurfs and plays guitar and he says that this is way of connecting to Spirit.  Do you think a marriage can survive if one partner embraces the spiritual journey and the other does not?

With love,


Dear Vivienne,
We can feel your pain. So many couples face this challenge.  First we want to ask you to do your best to honor your husband’s spiritual path of surfing, windsurfing and playing guitar.  Connecting to Mother Nature and all its beauty is a powerful and direct path to God. (or whatever you wish to call it. Remember, we are all riding different vehicles but hopefully arriving at the same destination.) If you honor his path with devotion and respect then it will be easier for him to come around to your request for abundant intimacy and playful spontaneity.  As you know, we come into a marriage with different histories, wounds and tools to navigate this wonderful thing we call sacred union.  The path is daily opportunity to practice love, compassion, gratitude and fierce grace.  Our sense is that the deeper issue for you is not the so much one of shared spiritual path, but some other disconnect that you may want to explore, as a couple, with a therapist or counselor. .
Sending you prayers for deep healing,

Arielle  & Brian

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