You are Totally Loveable (Just the way you are)

The 8th anniversary of my sister Debbie’s passing was a few days ago.

I was going through some recordings we did together and found a “feelingization” on falling in love with yourself that is just gorgeous.

Below is the essence of the process and you can also access the audio here.

Place your attention on the area around your heart, and take a deep breath into the deepest part of yourself, as you hold the intention of falling in love with yourself: knowing that you are worthy, loving, and wholly unique.

See yourself seated on a beautiful velvet loveseat in the center of your own heart…. a cozy and comfortable love seat…. now look off to your left and you are going to see an image of you…. it’s an image of your most loveable self: the part of you that radiates joy and hope: the part of you that knows you are special and unique and that there is nobody like you in the world.

What does that aspect of you look like? Maybe you’ll see an image of yourself at age 2, or 3, or 15 or 22. It’s you radiating love. Your eyes are lit up, you are irresistible. Now just invite that aspect of yourself to come and sit beside you on the loveseat as you continue to breathe deeply.

Allow your heart to connect heart-to-heart to this part of yourself.

Allow yourself to hear from your most loveable self all the reasons why you are worthy and deserving and enjoying life with your soulmate……

Now allow yourself to hear all the reasons why you should fall madly, passionately in love with YOU.

Ask this apart of you to show you all the good you’ve done and all the people whose lives have been touched and enriched because of you.

Now ask your most loveable self what patterns or behaviors or thoughts you need to let go of in order for you to feel how special, how desirable, how awesome you are?

Just continue to breathe deeply, allowing yourself to hear what you just heard….

And, if you are willing to give those up in the name of love, nod your head yes and put a smile on your face….

And now ask this part of you to tell you the sweet words that you need to say to yourself each and every day to fell loved, to fell loving, to feel loveable……

What sweet words do you need to hear to be in the presence of love every day?

Is it that you are kind and perfect just as you are?
Is it that you are sexy, beautiful, brilliant and wonderful?
Is it that you are desirable, adored, special, important?

Take a deep breath and breathe in those words.

Breathe them in because you are worthy of love

Allow yourself to see those words being etched across the interior walls of your heart.

Notice how your heart is softening.

Notice how these words make you feel appreciated.

Those are your words… you heard them from the most loveable part of you so acknowledge the magnificence of your humanity and the goodness of your heart.

Now imagine all the people closest to you in your life, the ones who really love you and care about and see them coming and kissing you on the cheek…. allow their love to penetrate every cell in your body….

And then, on your next exhale, repeat these words to yourself:

“I am loved. I am loveable. I am love.”
“I am loved. I am loveable. I am love.”
“I am loved. I am loveable. I am love.”

Allow the vibration of these words to melt away anything that exists between you and this reality of being Love and Loveable.

In this moment of awareness KNOW that you are healed, whole and complete. Know that you deserve to experience deep, heart opening, connected, magnificent, soulmate love, and that you don’t have to do this on your own…. at anytime you can call forth the wisdom of God, Goddess and All that is.

Place your hands upon your heart, thank yourself for creating the time, space, energy, intention and attention to allow your path to love to unfold for you.

Know and trust that you are co-creating a magnificent soulmate/ lifepartner for yourself.

You can listen to this 15 minute audio here!

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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