Raise Your Love Frequency to Manifest Your Soulmate

The entire Universe is made up of energy and we impact this energy field with our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and actions. All of us are vibrating, all the time, at various frequencies. When we are in fear, self-doubt, judgment or anger, we are vibrating at a low frequency. When we are focused on love, inspiration, doing good for others, we are vibrating at a higher frequency…. the frequency of love.

Think of yourself as a radio tuner with many stations. Do you want to stay tuned into the FEAR channel or the BLISS channel? You have the power to change channels at any time and it requires that you stay aware of your thoughts, feelings and emotions and rise up to the challenge of being an emotionally mature adult and turn the dial from the negative channel to the happy channel.

In this short video you will find an easy, daily practice to raise your love frequency to a level of soulmate manifestation.

There are lessons in this for all of us.

Watch it here!

There are lessons in this for all of us.

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses,


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