Dream Crazy Big – Here’s How

I have been studying and practicing the art and science of manifestation since 1984, and I am always learning (or being reminded of) another dimension of it.
Last night I attended a big fundraiser for Just Like My Child, an organization I have been on the Board of for 13 years, and our keynote speaker was the amazing Mary Morrissey of Dream Builder fame. (that’s Vivian Glyck, founder of JLMC, with me and Mary in the photo)
The theme was Dream Crazy Big and when I arrived at the event, they asked me to put on my name tag what my big dream is.
I surprised myself when I wrote down “Make a movie.”
I’ve done lots of crazy big things in my life but making a movie hasn’t ever been on the list…. till now.
Mary talked about some of the ways we stop ourselves from pursuing a big dream:
Fear of failure 
Not knowing how
Seems impossible
Lack of resources
Yep, I previously said yes to having all these thoughts… and so what?
I am at stage of life and experience where I know and trust that what I’ve asked for is already mine.
I can clearly see this movie in my head. In fact, it’s so clear and powerful, that I have written an entire novel based on the images I see. I’m excited to see how it all unfolds as I declare to you, that I am going to make a movie!
What is your crazy is your dream???? Send me a short email, arielleford@nullgmail.com and I will add it to my manifesting altar.
Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,

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