You Are Invited to My First Ever Virtual Book Tour!

I am excited to announce my first ever Virtual Book Tour Event for my new book Wabi Sabi Love.

The virtual meeting room is really cool and you’ll be one of the first to use it! It’s a large-scale video chat where I will appear live in real time with a room full of people. It’s totally unlike anything you have ever seen before.

I will be talking about Wabi Sabi Love and hosting an interactive Q&A. You can either write in a question or raise your hand to be called on plus video chat with anyone at the event. Cool, huh?

The Wabi Sabi Love Virtual Tour Event will be held next Wednesday, March 7 at 5 pm pst/7 pm cst/8 pm est so mark your calendar.

Here are the details:

1, In order to have the easiest possible experience, you will want to download Google Chrome. It is really easy (trust me, if I can do it, you can do it!) Here is the link:

Get Google Chrome

2. Mark your calendar:

Wednesday, March 7:   5 pm pst/7 pm cst/8 pm est

3. Click this link:

That’s it! I look forward to seeing you there!

PS This event is produced on a new platform called Shindig and we are most curious about your experience…your feedback is invaluable to us!

PPSS Feel free to share this event with your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ fans. Thanks!


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4 Responses to You Are Invited to My First Ever Virtual Book Tour!

  1. On my calendar!
    Have a pretty day!

  2. Bonnie says:

    Love it that you’re at the leading edge once again, Arielle.
    Will be there, for sure.

  3. Sally Graver says:

    I’m reading your book, am enriched by your emails, and look forward to seeing you live.
    Great idea. I’m forwarding to friends.


  4. Wish I could make this, but I’ll be in traffic, on my way to a new Toastmasters meeting, themed on health & wellness. Was looking to your virtual tour. Hope there is a way I can access in the days to come. I’m sure it will be promising.

    Say there, re the comment above from Kristin… Why not bring pretty back? Where you been since August? 😉