“You Are Making Me Crazy!”

Here is the simple reality: we all have behaviors and quirks that make our spouse crazy.

Often they are small things such as leaving socks on the floor or the cereal bowl in the sink, but every time we confront them, we feel annoyed or frustrated.

I’ll bet finding the Wabi Sabi  “beauty and perfection” isn’t easy at
these times.

Here’s a fun and light-hearted exercise to try with your mate.

1.   Buy an oversized “I Love You just because” card.

2.  In the card write a note that along these lines:
I love you.  I need you.  You rock my world And….you are driving me crazy.  Every time you_______ (add just one behavior here), a part of me just groans…not again……And, I know there are things that I do that drive you crazy too.

3.  So…here is my suggestion:
Let’s agree that for the next 7 days you will do your best to stop _______ and I will stop doing one thing that makes you crazy.

4.  If at the end of a week we are successful, I will celebrate by _______for you.  If we are unsuccessful, I promise to accept _______(socks on the floor, whatever) as one of your unchangeable, adorable quirks and try to never mention it again.

Let me know what happens!!

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4 Responses to “You Are Making Me Crazy!”

  1. Kristin Grose says:

    What a sensible, selfless and brilliant opportunity to not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Enjoy all your communications SO MUCH!!

  2. Opt says:

    I loved the idea of the card and the suggestion. I’m afraid that his non-stop critics is not something I could stop mentioning. Because I let them get to me. I let them influence my state of mind way too much. I can’t seem to get past it. I wish it were his socks that get me crazy. But it’s the hurtful things he sends in a textmessage…

  3. Arielle, You know what I like about these ideas… they are DIFFERENT ! And really great ideas!!! You read the same ol same ol ideas all the time! THANK YOU!
    I did a blog post a while back about … the next time your husband does something that really grinds you , remember you do things that make him just as crazy. And if you don’t think so … just ask him. He will let you know what it is! I really did ask my husband and he told me , get this… it is when I take the phone in the bathroom with me. I said REALLY!? Never knew that. haha! I never did it again.
    Have a PRETTY day!

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