The Wabi Sabi of Stress

For the past several months my life has gotten progressively more stressful as I geared up to launch the Art of Love series.

There were so many things to do that I was constantly waking up in the middle of the night to write down things I still needed to accomplish.

Fortunately the Art of Love has come together brilliantly and there are more than 60,000 participants all over the world enjoying the expertise of Deepak Chopra, Harville Hendrix, Marianne Williamson, John Gray and more.

Here’s a confession: the payoff of the stress is the adrenalin rush that often comes with it. There is an excitement factor that makes me feel very alive.

It also provides an excuse for skipping workouts, not eating right and choosing to not take the time to stay centered and calm. I am aware that I am “wigged out,” and yet I pretend that “it can’t be helped.”

We went in Maui last week for the Awesomeness Fest – a gathering of global, conscious entrepreneurs and while I was thrilled to be invited as a speaker, I was also nervous about a new talk I had prepared. I arrived totally exhausted and on the verge of getting sick.

Part of me was trying hard to “power through” the tiredness but it wasn’t working. So…. I finally asked myself “What would Wabi Sabi ask me to do?”

As I was lying under my umbrella on the beach, I realized the only answer to allow myself to be as profoundly tired as I was….to just surrender completely into the depth of fatigue and let it be a beautiful experience.

As I sank further into my chair, I was able to just “be” tired and I let my mind and body go. Soon I felt subtle peaceful waves flow through me and I took a much-needed nap.

About 3 hours later a funny thing happened…I noticed that I felt great! My energy level was coming back and I no longer felt like I was on the verge of getting sick.

That afternoon the AwesomenessFest creator, Vishen Lakhiani, spoke about “living in the flow” and the steps to developing “Blisscipline,” which is my new favorite word.

Now that I can remember how great it feels to not be stressed out, I am making a new commitment to to do all the things I know are good for me.

I look forward to taking time to workout daily, doing my daily HeartMath heart-lockins, taking breaks during the workday, scheduling more fun and pleasure, and making a conscious effort to remember that while I can’t control what happens everyday, I can control how I react.

How are you handling stress?  Is there a payoff you aren’t aware of?  Check in and choose your reaction when your life overwhelms.  Find the Wabi Sabi secret and slow down to savor the experience.

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8 Responses to The Wabi Sabi of Stress

  1. Linda says:

    THANK YOU Arielle & Claire !

    I am greatful and thankful for that wonderful free-of-charge-summit you provided.
    It shows great inside, wisdom, a will to change the world and, moreover, ourselves, for good!
    That is what life and love is about, no?

    I have no means currently to afford big coachings and I am deeply, deeply greatful to be able to listen to your calls. I do it almost every day and I am even taking notes.

    I can already feel how it changes me and my surrondings!

    Thank you so much, Arielle…I have no words for it. I wish I could be part of your community one day too…but that looks still like a long way to go!

    All the best for you all. In deep gratefulness with high respect for your professionalism.

    Your true and honest and greateful listener,


  2. Mary Holden says:


    Not Jesus!

    What Would JOB do? What would that famous character from the Bible do if he had the wisdom that is manifesting itself today through people like you? Can you yank the thread of Job’s life all the way back in that timeline, pull it into the present, apply your knowledge to his situation and rewrite his story?

    You are a fabulous writer!

    Sincerely and with love,


    Law of attraction here, email came just as I had spent weeks trying to launch a beauty and spa blog, and new skin care products for my company.

    I was suffering from mental exhaustion from making decisions .
    I put my house up for sale at the same time, so I could down size my property, and have more time for my businesses.

    I knew that when I had cleaned, and purged my stuff in my home, and finally decided to move on from my marital home that my life would open up, and my soul mate would manifest, when I had made the necessary changes.
    I was to sore from gardening, packing, and lifting to go to the gym, and had no time to even get to a class. So I blogged, packed, raked, prayed for help and guidance for an investor in my skin care company.
    I never expected to be in this place at 50, and here I was. To tired to do anything , but keep going. It was one day at a time, and one step at a time. I knew I could give in to the exhaustion pray for energy, and focus on just deep breathing. I miss my workouts, and mediation , and now there is time. So my Wabi sabi love let me give in to myself feel the exhaustion, and hope it wouldnt last to long. My creativity , and inspiration to write, and create new products comes only when I can focus , and be inspired. One day at a time.

  4. Arielle,
    You are so right on….I remember going through a huge period of stress (wanting to leave the planet – now! kind of stress) and thinking, “Just in case I make it through this, I am going to continue to eat right, exercise and meditate.” Of course, I did make it through and I was still in pretty good shape when I did, alive and ready to have fun. As an integrative nutrition coach I was practicing what I teach. My integrity stood the test. I am happy to say that life continues to open, feel lighter and more full of grace. Love is alive and well, with no small thanks to you, Arielle. Your wisdom and clarity about love and magical kisses has continued to support my happiness and well-being. If there is anything I can ever do for you, please let me know. I appreciate you and what you bring to all of us, more than you know!

    Constance Henderson, PhD
    Integrative Nutrition Coach

  5. Stuart says:

    What a timely reminder Arielle, there is so much good happening with my life at the moment that I sometimes feel I’m overwhelmed and find myself getting worked up about it all.

    I too find I’m missing out sometimes on my excersise and eating properly and using the excuse “I’m to busy for that!”

    I’m much more aware of when I do this now and when I reach that point, I take a ‘time out’ or ‘me time’ to literaly re-charge my joy and bliss. I love that word Blisscipline, just fabulous!

    With joy and love,


  6. Jeanne in AZ says:

    When I found my car’s battery had died on Sunday, I simply stayed at a friend’s house another night–allowing “it” to rest another 24 hours while I did the same–until businesses that might help assess “its” problem opened again on Monday.

  7. Ingrid says:

    I love this post Arielle, because its real, authentic and open. Ha great for attracting love yourself right? I deal with stress but up my anti on self care. In the past, I’ve pulled back, contracted and all it does is create more stress. As soon as I am feel I am in force mode. I stop. Take note and ask myself, ‘ what is going on here’. Typically its a sign I need to slow down. So I pour more love into my life by scheduling hikes, naps, massage, I eat nourishing foods and even a 30 minute acupuncture session. I also pray and ask for support. Much BOdylove, Beauty & Bliss, Ingrid

  8. Beatriz says:

    Hi Arielle
    Loved to read your story, as it reminded me of my particular Wabi Sabi today. :-))

    I received some un-encouraging news of how the sale of my house was coming along (or not coming along), which is a project that’s been on the ‘almostt closure’ for a couple of months now and the stress of that has begun to wear me out. After a particular phone call, I felt on the verge of tears. However, being a manager in the industy world that is simply out of the question in the workplace. So I tended back to the usual ‘serious’ emaling and business matters.

    But as the morning progressed I noticed I could not keep really focus and the more I tried to keep it all under control, the worse I felt.

    So then, at lunch time I took some time off of all the busy-ness went to a nice place to step into the sadness and stress of how I might still have to wait a couple of weeks- or even months to let go of my family estate.

    I hear often (and then forget) how tears were given to us to wash away our burdens and fears… and that’s how it felt. I continued my day with a much relaxed mind and body …..every moment, every feeling every discomfort is surely there to remind us to love and connect.

    Thank you, Arielle