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Arielle FordFor all media requests please email
or call 858 775-3318

For Speaking requests please contact:

Kelley KreinBrink, President
Inspiration Nation Productions, Inc.
Cell: 310-210-8532
Office: 760-424-8363

Arielle is available to speak on stage and through the media on the topics of:

  • Finding Love
  • Keeping Love
  • The Connection Between Love, Health, & Longevity

Topic: Love, Health & Longevity

The LOVE connection to health and longevity- the latest research and the path to a lifelong bliss-filled relationship. Arielle offers easy and fun solutions for couples on how to grow a loving, lasting relationship.

Topics for Finding Love

  • What is a soulmate?
  • Does everyone have a soulmate and how many can you have in a lifetime?
  • The Universal Law that can be used to find your soul mate
  • The necessary attitude and key steps to manifesting a soul mate and the Secret Sauce
  • Why “living as if” will get you to love faster
  • What “feathering the next” is and why is it important?

Topics for Keeping Love

How to reignite and re-envision your mate:

  • Before “giving up” on a long term relationship it’s possible to turn your mate into your soulmate
  • The big secret about marriage that causes so much pain
  • Why being a perfectionist in your relationship is a dead-end to happiness, and why  couples should wear “rose colored glasses”
  • The health benefits of being married
  • Why we must learn to be personally responsible for our own happiness in life and especially in relationship
  • How being a perfectionist in your relationship is a dead-end to happiness
  • Why should couples should wear “rose colored glasses” when it comes to seeing each other
  • What to do when our partner consistently does something that truly makes us crazy
  • The keys to great communication
  • How to go from Annoyed to Enjoyed” with Wabi Sabi Love