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I am excited to announce that the oprah.com website has published my article The Magic of the Soulmate Wish List, along with the Soulmate Quiz and the Turn On Your Heartlight Feelingization™. If you like it, leave a comment and tweet or FB post. www.oprah.com

Savvy Soulmate Coaches

  • www.soulmate-express.com
  • www.carolallenastrology.com
  • This coach has her own personal experience having Manifested and Maintained Her Soulmate Relationship for 4 decades. She has created a system that has proven the test of time, resulting in many client success stories of Divine Connection and Deep Abiding Love: www.lifetimeloveconnection.com
  • This coach combines Law of Attraction and EFT to bring deeper self connection: www.SoulMateSavvy.com
  • Spiritual healing with divine Love & soulful intuition that will empower you & lift your life to the healing you deserve: www.shannonpeck.com
  • Master Integrative Coach Alisha Schwartz will help you Break Through your Limiting Beliefs and Self Sabotaging Behaviors, Feel Empowered and Inspired in taking action in your life and Become the Greatest expression of who you are. Contact her at: Shadowbstr3@nullyahoo.com, 619 723-1759.
  • Laura Fredrickson is a life coach/empowerment sponsor, who supports her
    clients to live passionately and joyously. Her coaching sessions encourage
    an inward focus to create change. Go within and never go without! Complimentary First Session …. Contact her: Laura@nullInternalDesignCoaching.com
  • Dawn Allen, MS, CDC, CPTS, is a Love & Law of Attraction Coach and founder of Inspired Heart Coaching™. Through her transformational “HeartsWork” Programs, she specializes in helping women attract and create a deep, magical, and loving relationship by releasing patterns from the past. Visit: www.InspiredHeartCoaching.com

The Book In Spanish

  • Are you looking for The Soulmate Secret in Spanish, El Secreto del Amor? My friend Adrianna Pedrin has it here: LaCucharadita.com
  • Buscas el libro en Español ¿El Secreto del Amor? Mi amiga Adrianna Pedrin lo tiene aquí: LaCucharadita.com

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